[Mich-listers] Blue Grosbeak

Roger LAYLIN randllaylin at broadstripe.net
Wed Jun 29 21:04:21 EDT 2011

We woke up 45 minutes after Jonathan saw the bird. for our 2nd try for the
grosbeak.  So from Lansing it was near 9:45 when we arrived at the site..
 We heard it singing east of the RR near the reconstruction work at about
10:15  but could not locate him, we split up , Clara went back to the RR Lee
and I continued along the road .in front of the houses,  a little after10:30
Clara waved us up as she saw him (a lifer) in the tree top NW of   Wells  Rd
and the RR,   By the time Lee and I got there he had disappeared .  I went
to the west to see the west side of the tree line., he came back Lee also
saw him but by the time I got there gone again. So  we waited . and about
11:15 he showed  up again and remained visible so we could all see him in
the scope.  Thank you bird. 29 June.

Clara Bratton, Lee And Roger Laylin

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