[Mich-listers] Blue Grosbeak continues, Cass, 6/19

michael overway jamgow2131 at att.net
Sun Jun 19 10:14:39 EDT 2011

The Blue Grosbeak continues to sing away at the previously described area in 
Cass County.  The bird sang from the west side of the tree line on the west side 
of the tracks and from the tops of various taller trees on the east side of the 
tracks.  The bird moved from just south of Wells Rd. to about 100 yards to the 
north of Wells Rd.  

For the county listers, Dickcissels were singing away in the field on the se 
corner of the tracks and Wells Rd.  An Orchard Oriole was seen in the area as 

At the point that Peavine Creek crosses Crystal Lake Rd. (?, the extension of 
Pokagon Rd. coming out of Berrien Co. to the west of the grosbeak location), we 
listened to a few Yellow-throated Warblers, Northern Parula, Yellow-throated 
Flycatchers, and heard Acadian Flycatcher among other more common fare.

Good birding,
mike overway

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