[Mich-listers] 1st Summer Laughing Gull at Point Mouillee, Monroe Co.

Stephen Minard sdminard at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 18:00:13 EDT 2011

Hello All,

During our unsuccessfull search for the Reeve, Bob Arthurs, Larry
Urbanski and I observed a 1st summer Laughing Gull on the flats of
cell 3.  It's got a large brown spot behind the eye that extends
around the back of the head.  It has a uniform looking medium gray
back and wings and is washed with gray below.  Only the forehead and
chin looked white.  The bill is large and blobby looking, probably the
first thing we picked up.  The tail is white with a black band that
looked wider than a Ring-billed Gull's band.  Bill and legs looked
dark.  Lighting was poor since it was almost due east and well into
the sun.  The gray wash and tail mark it as 1st summer.  We saw it
about 11:00 am.

Also present were 1 or 2 singing Yellow-headed Blackbirds along the
dike between Vermet and Humphries (Lead).  At least one pair of Cattle
Egrets were busy in the small trees with the Black-crowned
Night-Herons and Great Egrets west of cell 3.  The Red-necked
Phalaropes and White-rumped Sandpipers were in cell 3.  I had 2 Least
Bitterns in flight, other birders reported a Black Tern.

Good birding,

Steve Minard
Grand Rapids, MI

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