[Mich-listers] Purple Sandpipers, Snowy Owls - Muskegon County

Don Henise don_henise at ntm.org
Mon Dec 26 22:28:00 EST 2011

Robyn and I traveled to Muskegon today with Cody Porter. We saw at least 5, maybe 6 Purple Sandpipers on the south jetty at Pere Marquette Park. The Purple Sandpipers were all within the first 200 feet of the jetty. 

Purple Sandpiper photos: 


Purple Sandpiper video:


At The Muskegon Wastewater Treatment Plant we found 2 Snowy Owls. One very light colored bird was in the drainage fields on the south side of the main entrance road just west of the road into the admin building. The other Snowy Owl which had a lot more spotting, was in the field on the southwest corner of White & Swanson Roads. We couldn't find any gulls other than Ring-billed and Herring.

Don & Robyn Henise

New Tribes Bible Institute 
Jackson, MI
don_henise at ntm.org

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