[Mich-listers] Slaty-backed Gull, Bay County - 12-16

Jim Dawe jimdawe at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 17 12:50:41 EST 2011

Dear mich-listers:
I was able to view Bay County's oft-posted Slaty-backed Gull yesterday for a prolonged period - from about 2:00 PM until after 4:00.  During this stretch the gull (3rd cycle and no evidence of hybridization) was visible for extended periods and at relatively close ranges.  The diversity of the gulls at this landfill was remarkable - I came away with seven species including 4 Icelands (all cycles represented),  1 Thayer's, 4 Greater Black-backs (no Lessers), and at minumum 50 Glaucus Gulls - certainly more than I could accurately count.
Good birding,
Jim Dawe 		 	   		  

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