[Mich-listers] Tuscola Co., Cattle Egret & Snowy Owl continue, 6 Dec

Caleb Putnam caleb.putnam at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 17:20:27 EST 2011


Sean Fitzgerald called and has refound the Fish Pt. (Tuscola Co.) Cattle
Egret at 5PM (getting very dark!), 6 Dec 2011, in an ag ditch along Clark
Rd south of Fish Point Wildlife Area. This location is exactly .3 miles
south of Gotham Rd and .7 miles north of Loomis Rd. The coordinates of the
bird are: 43.6778, -83.50655 (use maps.google.com). It is in the ditch to
the east of the road. He stated that if it roosts there for the night
(quite possible given the bird's general uneasy appearance) one could
probably see it with a spotlight using the coordinates.

He also mentioned having the previously reported Snowy Owl on 5 Dec 2011 at
10-11AM, on Gotham Rd just east of Ringle Rd, and tonight, 6 Dec, just
south of the viewing platform on Ringle Rd as of 5:15PM, perched atop a
power pole. The bird's coordinates are 43.6936, -83.5267 .

Good Birding,
Caleb Putnam

Caleb G. Putnam
Sand Lake, MI
caleb.putnam at gmail.com

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