[Mich-listers] Golden-crowned Sparrow (still) - Belle Isle Park, Detroit

Bruce M. Bowman bbowman99 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 4 17:32:21 EDT 2010

The Golden-crowned Sparrow was still at Belle Isle Park (Nature Zoo) 
between 1:30 and 2:30 this afternoon.  Also at the feeder stations were 
an immature White-crowned Sparrow and male and female Eastern Towhees.

Waterfowl seen (mostly at Blue Heron Lagoon, just southeast of the Nature 
Zoo) were:

Mute Swan
Canada Goose
Wood Duck
Hooded Merganser
Lesser Scaup
Ring-necked Duck (many)
Canvasback (many)
Redhead (many)
Ruddy Duck (many)

There were 300-400 ducks at Blue Heron Lagoon.

Examination of all flocks of Canada Geese around the island did not turn 
up any Cackling Geese.


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