[Mich-listers] King Eider, Alger Co., Munising, 12/18

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Sat Dec 18 18:14:38 EST 2010

The female King Eider is still present. We observed it today (12/18) between 4:00 to 5:00 PM. It was located east of the Grand Island boat launch. We first found it at the dock that Scott Hickman observed it at yesterday; the dock with the "For Sale" sign on it (which is located about 600-700 feet east of the boat launch. Then, we watched it move in to a closer dock, about 400 feet east of the boat launch, where it appeared to settle in for the night, under the third pylon from the end of that dock. So, for those up early and looking for it, it's best to walk out on the Grand Island's boat launch dock and look east. Again, be careful, the boat launch dock has ice on it and makes for a slippery situation. (The Grand Island boat launch is located approximately 1 1/2 miles west of the town of Munising, off M-28).

As a sidenote, we found a Northern Shrike at the mouth of the Ana River, which located east of the paper mill in Munising.

Keep on birding,

Mark & Joanie Hubinger

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