[Mich-listers] White Pelican - Schoolcraft Co and Western Meadowlark - Charlevoix Co

Santner, Steven santners at karmanos.org
Mon Jun 15 14:18:59 EDT 2009


	Robert Epstein, Scott Jenex, Karl Overman, and myself (Steve
Santner) went county listing in northern Michigan this past weekend.  We
found 15(!!) White Pelicans in a group at Seney NWR on Saturday (June
13).  On Sunday (June 14) we found a Western Meadowlark on Clipperview
Rd (just east of the town of Charlevoix near Fisherman's Island SP) in
Charlevoix Co.  Other birds of interest for the weekend include 2 Gray
Jays (1 young of the year) and a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher at Hulbert
Bog.  Another Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was near Rexford in Mackinac Co.
Finally, the Dingman Watershed Renewal marsh (in Cheboygan Co) had 5+
Black Terns and a Golden-winged Warbler.  The mosquito crop is excellent
this year and the Black Fly crop isn't bad either - bring insect

	Steve Santner

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