Soo area report - 1/15 to 1/18

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Mike Sefton and I and 10 others spent the past weekend in the Sault
Sainte Marie area on a birding trip sponsored by Whitefish Point Bird
Observatory.   Here are the highlights of that trip, which also
includes the Thursday and Friday scouting days.  Saturday birding was
greatly hampered by a driving snow storm that lasted the entire day.

Northern Hawk Owl – 2 were seen, one at McCabe and M48 and the other,
two miles south and one mile west of the town of Pickford on M48.

Snowy Owl – at least 3 on Centerline Rd between M48 north and M48
south, one on Hantz Rd between the same two roads, and two in the open
fields at the west end of Prairie Rd (1/15).

Sharp-tailed Grouse – only 3 at the traditional location near 9 Mile
Rd and Nicolet Rd.  We searched both Saturday and Sunday at this
location.  We found an additional one "budding" in a birch behind the
BP station at M28 and M221.

Glaucous Gulls – 4 were seen at the Dafter Dump on 1/16.  There were
no gulls present on Saturday.

Rough-legged Hawks and Northern Shrike – widely scattered locations in
the south Soo area.  One shrike was seen at the aforementioned BP
station where it chased a small accipter (Sharp-shinned Hawk or male
Cooper's Hawk) away from its hunting area.

Pine Grosbeak – small numbers seen throughout the more wooded areas of
Sugar Island and the southern Soo area.

Common Redpoll and Pine Siskin – common at feeders throughout the area
and especially at the resident manager's feeding station in Dunbar

White-winged Crossbill – scattered small groups in wooded areas.

Snow Bunting – at the residence on 20 Mile Rd east of Centerline Rd.

We saw no Great Gray Owl although we did search for them in the Soo
area and on Sugar Island and at the locations posted by others.  We
saw no Hoary Redpoll.  We dipped on Gray Jay and Boreal Chickadee at
Hulbert Bog.

Good birding
Lathe Claflin

Lathe Claflin
eastern Jackson County

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