Late Lesser Yellowlegs at Belle Isle

Joseph E. Faggan jfaggan at
Sat Nov 29 21:13:04 EST 2008

There was a single bird this morning, November 29, on
the edge of the inlet in front of the Detroit Yacht
Club.  It was pointed out to me by two other guys, and
we observed it at 30-40 feet under a blazing Michigan
sun.  This was at about 10:15; on two subsequent
circuits of the island I did not see the bird.

According to the occurrence chart in the Chartier et
al book the species is accidental in the southern
lower peninsula after about November 15 "---an
exceptional occurrence that might not be repeated
again for decades; 3 or fewer records in lst 10 years".

Joseph E. Faggan
Beverly Hills, Michigan
jfaggan at

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