Franklin's Gull, Monroe Co.

LaRue Wells texwells at
Tue Nov 11 21:41:45 EST 2008

The Franklin's Gull seen yesterday off Lotus Road by Karl Overman and  
Robert Epstein was still there at noon today (11/11).  But it was a  
little hard to pick out among the myriad of other gulls, mostly Ring- 
bills, but including a few Herrings and Bonys, and at least 2 Lesser  
Black-backs.  Lotus Road is in extreme southeastern Monroe County.   
To get there, leave southbound I-75 at Summit Street (exit 2), which  
runs south, almost parallel to I-75.  Follow Summit 1 mile to Sterns,  
turn right (west) on Sterns and go 0.5 mile to Suder, turn left  
(south) on Suder and go 0.7 mile to Lotus Road, turn right (west) on  
Lotus and go about 0.5 mile to the large pond on the south side of  
the road.  To reach the west end of the pond continue west on Lotus  
across the railroad tracks.  Gulls sometime congregate in the west  
end, but today when I was there all were east of the tracks.

Tex Wells

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