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I'm glad to see the Bohemian Waxwing is still hanging around. Your report of Snow Goose is the first one on Belle Isle this fall/winter that I know of. They don't usually hang out at the Yacht Club. There are a couple of "bossy" feral white geese on the island. Could it have been one of them? Did you see the black primaries?

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  Took a trip down to Belle Isle this morning.  Found the waxwings - including the Bohemian - at the western end of Oakway Road just at the point where the clearing (with the red bridge) ends.  The flock was clearing the berries off of the bushes at the south side of the road.  There were probably 40+ Cedars,  the Bohemian, a pair of Cardinals, and several White-Throated Sparrows.  The birds were at the roadside, and we got a fabulous view of them without leaving the car.  We looped along the north side of the island, past the Yacht Club (where there was a very nice and bossy Snow Goose morph in with the Mallards and at least one Black Duck), then came back to the waxwings after about 15 minutes.  They were gone - not a berry in sight any more - and we never did find them again.



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