Rufous Hummingbirds - Update

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Tue Nov 20 11:21:20 EST 2007

I'm sorry for the delay in posting. I've had email trouble last few days.

The previously reported RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD in Berrien County was last
 seen November 11th.

The Van Buren County RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was still present as of this
 past weekend.

...and according to Russ Schipper, the KALAMAZOO COUNTY bird:

"The Rufous Hummingbird that was reported a couple of weeks ago is still
here only visiting a different nearby feeder. It is now at 3409 Old 
Colony Rd. on the south side of Kalamazoo. The house is the second one 
off the corner of Par 4 Dr. on the east side of the road. It is a gray 
cape cod. Please do not knock on the door, particularly in the morning.
They have two small children, but are agreeable to birders visiting to 
see the bird. Park on the street and go to the south or right side of 
the house. You will be on the neighbors lawn but they have ok'ed it. At
the near corner of the fence you can see the feeder, which is right 
behind the house, about 4 feet off the ground.
To get to the house from I-94 take Westnedge Ave. northbound to Kilgore
Rd. about .6 of a mile. Turn west or left, go .5 mi. to Old Colony and 
turn North or right. Go about .75 of a mi. to the house. If you are 
coming from  north of Kalamazoo it is easiest to follow the directions 
from I-94. If you are coming from, in town, get on Oakland Dr. and go 
to White's Road and turn left or east. About one mile down turn right 
onto Bronson Blvd. Then take the second left (Par-4 Dr.) one block to 
Old Colony and turn left or north.  The house is the second one on the 
The bird seems to be coming regularly.
Good luck,

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