WPBO - Jaegers, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, and more

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The point has been productive for Jaegers in the past few days. We've
had six Jaegers in the past three days. Monday had a dark juvenile
PARASITIC JAEGER that cruised right down the beach, as well as pair of
distant individuals. Yesterday, we had another bird fly right down the beach
during mid-morning, but as an intermediate juvenile it was too difficult to
determine exact species. Finally, today saw a pair of Jaegers, one distant,
while the other caught us quite by surprise, coming the wrong way up the
beach. This bird was a small light-morph individual, but the views were too
quick to make any claims as to species. Monday had a fair movement of
RED-NECKED GREBES, with over 500. However, we're still behind for the year
and there are many more to come. Yesterday, one BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER
showed up on the beach in the afternoon and today two appeared around the
same time of the day. Today, a juvenile SORA was working the second pond
throughout the day.

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