Long-eared Owl, Midland County

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Thu Jun 29 22:33:52 EDT 2006

Tim and Cindy Ward and their son Casey had previously reported locally a  
family of Long-eared Owls with newly fledged young in southern Midland  County.  
I went to try to find these owls today, 6/29.  I and the  three Wards searched 
thoroughly this morning from about 9:15 AM to 10:30 AM with  no success.  I 
returned and Tim Ward and I, utilizing taped calls of the  bird, were able to 
find the two adult birds and one juvenile that was  approximately 3/4 grown at 
approximately 5:00 PM.  These were located in a  stand of mature, planted Pine 
trees on the Ward's property.
The young birds were first found by the Wards on approximately June 1,  2006. 
 At that time, they still had a lot of fluffy down and were only able  to fly 
very short distances.  I believe this represents the first known  nesting 
record for Midland County and the first for the Saginaw Bay area in many  years.
The Wards property is located near the intersection of 8 Mile and Redstone  
Roads.  Since this is private property, the Wards request that birders who  
wish to see these birds make an appointment to insure someone will be  there.  To 
do so and to get specific directions to their property, call  them at (989) 
Photos taken by the Wards of these owls during the past three weeks can be  
viewed at
Jerry Ziarno
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