Good Henslow's Location - Berrien Co.

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Sat Jun 3 14:37:30 EDT 2006

Berrien County - June 3


Just in case it's of interest to any....

There's currently a good location in Berrien County (extreme SW Lower
Peninsula) to enjoy Henslow's Sparrow views with relatively little effort.
The location is known locally as the Sarett Nature Center Prairie.

To reach the location from the I-196 & Red Arrow Highway interchange (Exit
1), follow Red Arrow Highway west to the first intersection (Benton Center
Road). Turn right (north) on Benton Center and proceed about .4 mile. On the
left (west) side of the road you should find a gate and a sign that says
something like "Prairie Grassland Restoration."

Park along (but off) the road and walk west around the gate and into the
field via the mowed path. When you reach the fork in the trail (100 yards or
so...) veer left and continue into the field. Before you reach a very large,
lone tree in the middle of the field, watch and listen for the Henslow's.
This morning there were two singing birds, one on each side of the trail.
Both were perched conspicuously on small shrubs and/or dead plant stalks.
(With a scope in particular, it's possible to enjoy super views....)

Additional species present in the field this morning included Dickcissel and
Bobolink. A Grasshopper Sparrow has also been present for most of the
spring, but was absent this morning.

To reach the main entrance to Sarett Nature Center, just continue north on
Benton Center Road another .2 mile.

Good birding,

Kip Miller

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