Mississippi Kite, Metrobeach Metropark

Erik Enbody stormpetrels at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 10:47:49 EDT 2006

I recently heard that the reported Mississippi Kite again flew over
Metrobeach for a second time this morning. I dont know any more then
that, but it sounds like it could be sticking around.

good luck,

Erik Enbody

On 6/3/06, Craig Bateman <batemanc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
>    Neil Gilbert just called to report that he, Allen Chartier, and Rob
> Poniatowski had a MISSISSIPPI KITE flying over at 8:25 A.M. He said it was
> going south on Cherryhill Rd. It was on the west edge of park . His
> description was of a second-year bird and resembled Broad-winged Hawk at
> first glance. It was very slim and graceful with streaked underparts, a
> banded tail, long and pointed wings and slim. You may want to check Lake
> Erie Metropark and Pt. Mouillee if you try for it.
> Good luck if you do,
> --
> Craig Bateman
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> (248) 891-2199
> www.batemanbirding.com
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