Yellow Warbler on Belle Isle - 12/28/06

Neil Gilbert prairiemerlin at
Thu Dec 28 15:19:38 EST 2006


Today at 1:45 p.m. my dad John Gilbert and I saw the YELLOW WARBLER on Belle
Isle (first found yesterday by Andy Dettling) near the new red bridge on the
north side of the Nashua Creek. The bird was associating with several Tree
Sparrows. It was definitly a Yellow Warbler - plain yellow all over, with
yellow tail spots. I got several documentary photos if anyone would like to
see them. The SAW-WHET OWL was still in its usual spot.

I had singles of LONG-EARED and SAW-WHET OWLS at the Palms Elementary School
on Palms Road just south of Marine City Road. Both birds were extremely hard
to locate, so if you want to see an owl, I'd suggest that you try Belle

There was one female LONG-TAILED DUCK at the DNR Sunshine Point in Macomb
County. There was also a drake GREEN-WINGED TEAL among the thousands of
ducks off Metrobeach Metropark.

Good birding,

Neil Gilbert
Beverly Hills, MI
prairiemerlin at

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