Lesser Black-backed Gull, Allegan Co. 12/17/06

Rick Brigham brighamr at freeway.net
Sun Dec 17 14:22:26 EST 2006

<p>Greetings,</p><p>An adult <b>Lesser Black-backed Gull</b> was present this morning north of Oval Beach, Saugatuck. It was with an adult Great Black-backed Gull in a gull flock on the beach half way between the Oval and the south breakwall of the Kalamazoo River. Being a warm day there was a lot of  human activity on the shoreline and after the flock flushed a second time both black-backs were lost to sight. A first winter Great Black-backed was later on the end of the south breakwall and subsequently on the beach to the north of the river mouth (only visable from the south breakwall). <br /> </p><p>Good birding,</p><p>Rick Brigham</p><p>Douglas</p>
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