UP Rare Bird Report for August 10, 2006

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UP Rare Bird Report for August 10, 2006
Birding has been on the quiet side of the tracks the last few weeks here in the Upper Peninsula. Breeding birds have gone all but silent and various early season migrants continue their trickle into the region. Red Crossbill numbers are continuing to build along the north central section of the UP particularly in Alger & Luce Counties. Also of note lately are the presence of Great Egrets away from the Green Bay area in the last week.
American White Pelican
Great Egret
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Piping Plover
Long-billed Dowitcher
Wilson’s Phalarope
Carolina Wren
Black-backed Woodpecker
Red Crossbill
Keweenaw County
Tom Auer reports that an August 1st Lakewatch off Seven Mile Point yielded 24 RED-NECKED GREBES and 7 HORNED GREBES.
Houghton County
Tom also noted that a STILT SANDPIPER was the highlight of a tour of the Keweenaw sewage pond loop on the 1st.
Marquette County
Amy Ennis had a male AMERICAN THREE-TOED WOODPECKER at her home on the McClure Basin on July 28-29. The bird has not been seen since. Two different CAROLINA WRENS were found in the City of Marquette last week. 1 bird was present in the Shiras Hills District from July 28-29, and another bird was found on July 30th in the Presidio. Greg Cleary had a WHIMBREL on the Lower Harbor Breakwall in Marquette on August 2nd. A BAIRD’S SANDPIPER was at Little Presque Isle on August 4th.
Delta County
Mike Berg had a pair of BLACK VULTURES in Gladstone on August 3rd. Efforts to refind the birds were unsuccessful. A LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER was present at the Portage Point Marsh south of Escanaba on July 30th. Also present were 3 juvenile WILSON’S PHALAROPES along with good numbers of YELLOWLEGS, SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS & LEAST SANDPIPERS. A juvenile PIPING PLOVER was still present at the Aronson Island nesting site on the 30th. There are now 2 pairs of RED-NECKED GREBES with young at the Kipling site as well as 2 additional pairs without young.
Alger County
Sean Fitzgerald reported that 14 AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS flew west past the mouth of the Sullivan Creek mouth in Pictured Rocks Nat. Lakeshore on the 28th. Sean also reported a YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOOS at Chapel Lake on the 27th and east of Melstrand on the 4th, and BLACKPOLL WARBLERS on the 30th & 4th. Other migrant species of warbler in Pictured Rocks include TENNESSEE, BAY-BREASTED & WILSON’S. Good numbers of RED CROSSBILL have also been noted including a flock of 40+ near Mosquito Falls on the 4th. An UPLAND SANDPIPER was seen migrating down the shoreline at the mouth of the Sucker River on August 2nd. RED-NECKED GREBES have been present in good numbers in the last week with 12 migrating past the Grand Marias Breakwall on the 2nd, and 17, along with a single HORNED GREBE at the Sullivan Creek mouth on 4th. Two female BUFFLEHEAD and a STILT SANDPIPER were present at the Shingleton Sewage Ponds on the 2nd. Scott Hickman reported 5 GREAT EGRETS on the south side of the Cleveland Cliffs basin south of Autrain on the 29th of July. Scott also reported a WILSON’S PHALAROPE at the Chatham Sewage Ponds on the 4th. An unidentified NIGHT-HERON species was seen flying up the Indian River at County Road 445. 
Schoolcraft County
3 GREAT EGRETS have been present along the Marshland Drive this week in Seney National Wildlife Refuge. Also notable for Seney were a pair of BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS on the 1st. 
Luce County
Rick Baetsen reported a pair of BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKERS at the Pike Lake State Forest Campground. A family of SPRUCE GROUSE were also present at Pike Lake. Good numbers of RED CROSSBILLS were noted at the Blind Sucker Flooding and the Pretty Lake Quiet Area on August 2nd.
Chippewa County
Brian Johnson & Lena Ulsk had 6 BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERONS at Mususcong Bay WMA on August 2nd. Brian also notes that families of SHARP-TAILED GROUSE have been present in the Pickford area. 
To report rare birds please email me at TheOwlRanch at aol.com or to Birdnet at UPBirders.org if you are a subscriber. If you are not on the net, call the Marquette Hotline at (906) 225-3886. For more information on Birdnet, or UP birds, please visit www.UPBirders.org
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~Skye Haas
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