Willet(s)--Berrien--27-28 June

Jonathan Wuepper wuepperj at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 29 09:29:51 EDT 2005


At least 1 WILLET has been haninging around the Lake Michigan Shoreline at 
Warren Dunes State Park, south of Bridgman in Berrien County. On June 27th, 
Rex Hubbard again saw 1 WILLET on the north part of the park, and on June 
28th, Brad Anderson photographed 1 WILLET, on the beach, at mouth of 
Tanner's Creek. I don't know time of day of these sightings, but I'd guess 
mid-morning to early or mid-afternoon. Personally, I have seen realatively 
large flocks of WILLETS (16, not this year) at this location, during hottest 
part of day (2pm-5pm). This area has minimal foot traffic compared with 
consession areas (have seen the birds on shore between large groups of 

Note: area of interest is in WDSP, its actually closer to Weko Beach, in 
Bridgman. There is a $5 fee to enter Weko Beach from May-Aug/Sep).

Good Luck!

Jon Wuepper

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