Dickcissel in Sanilac Co.

Allen Chartier amazilia1 at comcast.net
Sun Jun 26 16:47:29 EDT 2005


Just to add to the new locales reported for this species, this morning while
conducting our BBS route in Sanilac County, Nancy and I found a single
singing Dickcissel. The bird was on the north side of Downington Road, 1/2
mile east of Maple Road (this is about 6 miles NW of Port Sanilac). We've
had Dickcissels at this locale in other "invasion" years, as well as at a
couple other sites along our route, but only here today.

Also of interest was a singing Orchard Oriole along M-25 at the northern
edge of Port Sanilac (from southbound M-25, right at the city limits sign),
where we've had one for several years. Another was about 3-4 miles north of
there on the east side of M-25 at the south end of the cemetery just north
of Forester Road. And, several miles south of Port Sanilac, a Clay-colored
Sparrow was on the west side of Babcock Road about 3/4 mile south of
Townsend Road (across from 3410 Babcock), along with a calling Northern
Bobwhite (another about 1/2 mile north).

Five Yellow-billed Cuckoos, more than we normally get, were along our route
today as well.

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