4 Piping Plover chicks at Petoskey State Park

Kenyon/Sally Stebbins stebbins at chartermi.net
Sun Jun 26 15:12:22 EDT 2005

Dear birders,

The Piping Plover pair that we first spotted during the migration count on May 14 have successfully hatched 4 chicks, as of yesterday (Saturday) morning.  The parents & young are still rather near the exclosure, which is easily viewed from the north parking lot at the park.   Nine folks from Petoskey Regional Audubon have been trained as Piping Plover Patrol volunteers, and are taking shifts at the beach, along with DNR personnel.  So far the public's reception to the plovers has been excellent!   As far as we know, Piping Plovers have not previously been reported to have nested at Petoskey State Park.  We would appreciate hearing otherwise, if anyone has information. 
Sally & Kenyon Stebbins, Harbor Springs MI     
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