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Listers -

Pat Deventer, Karl Ott, and I followed up on this report this morning 

"Two Dickcissels were in Livingston County on Fleming Road 0.8 of a mile 
north of Grand River on June 18th."

Today, we had at least 4 singing males and 2-3 females.  The females were 
seen carrying food to nestlings or fledglings.  The birds were near the road on a 
rather sizable berm that runs along the east side of the road.  The area is 
also fenced off with a chain link fence.  

Because of the berm, you can't see off the road very far.  Fortunately, the 
males were singing from points along the top of the berm and the females were 
actively foraging along the side of the berm and perching on the fence from 
time to time.
We had excellent views.  (DeLorme page 40 just east of Fowlerville)

We also had some decent birding in the Oak Grove SGA, particularly along Dean 
Road where we had a good selection of woodland species including Ovenbird, 
Veery and Wood Thrush.  We also had a "Brewster's" Warbler and Karl found a 
female hummingbird feeding young at a low nest.  The SGA looks like it could be 
very good for butterflies as well.

Take care   - Doug McWhirter
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