Michigan RBA--23 June 2005

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*June 23rd, 2005

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compiled: 23 Jun 2005
compiler: Jon Wuepper

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Additional species:

American White Pelican (Wayne, Muskegon cos)
Whimbrel (Monroe County)
White-rumped Sandpiper (Berrien County)
Laughing Gull (mistaken identity?) (Monroe County)
Franklin’s Gull (Monroe, Chippewa cos)
Kentucky Warbler (Hillsdale County)
Yellow-breasted Chat (Berrien County)
Clay-colored Sparrow (Washtenaw County)
Yellow-headed Blackbird (Berrien, Monroe cos)
Western Meadowlark (Marquette, Hillsdale cos)
Dickcissel (Berrien, Wayne cos)

This is the Michigan Statewide Bird Report for Thursday, June 23rd 2005. It 
is sponsored by Wild Bird Outfitters, located on Wilson Avenue in 

In ALGER COUNTY, the previously reported WHITE-WINGED DOVE*, remained 
present through June 16th.

In BERRIEN COUNTY, 2 previously reported EURASIAN COLLARED DOVES* remained 
present, through June 15th, at the village park in Three Oaks. A third dove, 
now believed to be a EURASIAN COLLARED DOVE* x RINGED-TURTLE DOVE hybrid was 
also present this week. The previously reported CHUCK-WILL’S-WIDOW* remained 
through at least June 20th, being heard off True Road, just west of M-140, 
and along Jones Road, near its intersection with Long Lake Road. On June 
16th, Dave Vinnedge found a male YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD at Three Oaks 
Sewage Ponds, which hasn’t been seen since. On June 17th, 2 WHITE-RUMPED 
SANDPIPERS were reported from Three Oaks Sewage Ponds. They have not been 
relocated. DICKCISSELS have been numerous along Mill Road, south of Elm 
Valley Road, and along Holden Road north of Galien. On June 18th, I found at 
least 1 DICKCISSEL in the unmowed portion of the Forest Lawn Landfill. 1-2 
YELLOW-BREASTED CHATS remain present at Love Creek Nature Center this week, 
and another was seen on June 18th, in the Boyle Lake State Game Area. On 
June 21st, Don Henise and others found a single WILLET, on the Lake Michigan 
shoreline at Warren Dunes State Park.

In MONROE COUNTY, at Point Mouillee State Game Area , a FRANKLIN'S GULL has 
been seen from June 21st to June 23rd, in Cell #3. This bird was originally, 
and apparently mistakenly identified as a LAUGHING GULL. In addition,  2 
WHIMBREL (June 21st, June 22nd) were observed in Cell Number 3, and 

In MUSKEGON COUNTY on June 20th, Kris Slager located 1 AMERICAN WHITE 
PELICAN, seen flying over White Lake, (on the Montague side).

In HILLSDALE COUNTY on June 18th, Geoff Malosh found a WESTERN MEADOWLAWK, 
in the weedy field along Tripp Road between Burt and Prattville Roads.  A 
KENTUCKY WARBLER was found that day, at the Lost Nations State Game Area.

In WAYNE COUNTY at Oakwoods Metro Park, up to 6 DICKCISSELS have been seen 
this week. Directions: “Stay on the main road leading back toward the nature 
center, when you see the 1 mile sign to nature center, STOP. The birds are 
on your left from the brown wooden sign.” At Crosswinds Marsh, 1 AMERICAN 
WHITE PELICAN was still being seen as of June 20th by Allen Chartier.

In MARQUETTE COUNTY on June 19th, Skye Haas found a WESTERN MEADOWLARK, 
singing Western Meadowlark, at the farm where SI/SK 426 Road dead-ends north 
of County Road 426. This is north of the tiny town of Watson.

In CHIPPEWA COUNTY June 19th, Louie Dombroski saw 1 adult FRANKLIN’S GULL, 
at the tip of Whitefish Point.

In WASHTENAW COUNTY on June 19th, a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was heard, among 
the brush just south of 12114 Bemis Road (the stretch between Ernst and 
Schneider Rds). There is a # 9 gas line sign along the road as well.

The next scheduled update of this report will be on Thursday, June 30th, 
2005. To report your sightings, please leave a message at the sound of the 
tone or call Jon Wuepper at 269-556-9510. Thanks for calling and good 

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