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I went to Pte Mouillee early this morning (5:30 - 7) and was able to relocate both the adult Laughing Gull and the 2 Whimbrels that Kevin had yesterday. They were with a couple hundred gulls and a few terns at the east end of cell 3. Nice morning for a symphony of both Bitterns, Marsh Wrens, Coots and Moorhens. Was not aware of the Yellow-headed Blackbirds so I did not try for them.
Good Birding,
Scott Jennex
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June 22, 2005
Yesterday I decided to chase the pelican that has been reported on and
off a Crosswinds Marsh and Pt. Mouillee.  I was unsuccessfully in finding
it but did find an adult Laughing Gull in with a large number of gulls
roosting in cell 3 at Pt. Mouillee.  There were about 800 to 900 gulls in
this unit until some fisherman came along and decided to fish where the
gulls were roosting.  A couple of hundred of the birds came back but I
was unable to find the Laughing Gull again.  Many of the gulls flew off
to the north and south of the area.  There was also a pair of Whimbrel
present in cell 3 and Yellow-headed Blackbirds in the northeast corner of
the lead unit.  After I left Pt. Mouillee, I headed to Hillsdale county
to search for the reported Western Meadowlark, again without success but
I did find 3 Henslow's Sparrows along Tripp Rd between Burt and
Prattville.  Good birding.
Kevin Thomas
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