Clay-colored Sparrow, Washtenaw County, 6/19/05

Jacco Gelderloos jjgelderloos at
Sun Jun 19 12:37:54 EDT 2005

While out surveying for the MI Breeding Bird Atlas, I
found a singing Clay-colored Sparrow in northern
Bridgewater Twp. The bird was located in the brushy
habitat just south of 12114 Bemis Rd (the stretch
between Ernst and Schneider Rds). There is a # 9 gas
line sign along the road as well.

On a more disappointing note, mowing has taken its
toll on some of my count area's grassland bird
populations - fields that previously harbored Bobolink
and Dickcissel were now eerily quiet. Very
Good birding,
Jacco G.

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