Hillsdale County: Western Meadowlark 6/18

Geoff R Malosh maloshge at msu.edu
Sat Jun 18 17:06:55 EDT 2005

While in the area visiting in-laws this weekend, I birded Lost Nations SGA 
and environs in Hillsdale County this morning.  Much to my delight, I found 
a WESTERN MEADOWLARK in the weedy field along Tripp Road between Burt and 
Prattville Roads.  I first located it by song (of course) well north of Burt 
Road, actually closer to Prattville Road, on the west side of Tripp.  After 
first contact it moved far out into the field and sang a few more times, but 
was generally being harassed by the ubiquitous Eastern Meadowlarks present.  
Eventually, apparently under duress, it flew off further north when I lost 
track of it.  I stuck around for another 1/2 hour, and searched fields along 
Prattville, Bird Lake, Tamarack, and M-99, but did not find it again. 

Western Meadowlark was a long, long overdue state bird for me, my nemesis 
that eluded me for years while I lived here.  Finally! 

Also of note was at least one HENSLOW'S SPARROW continuing near the corner 
of Burt and Tripp.  Bobolinks were abundant. 

Lost Nations held the usual KENTUCKY WARBLER at the Skuse Road trailhead, as 
well as a host of the other expected species.  Also, there was a GRASSHOPPER 
SPARROW singing along Skuse Road between Gilbert and Pittsford Roads. 

Good birding,
Geoff Malosh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(formerly of East Lansing and Holland MI)

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