White-winged Dove, Alger Co, Thursday

Jim Lesser lesser at jameslesser.com
Thu Jun 16 20:12:55 EDT 2005

To All:

Allen Chartier would like to report that he saw the Alger (? or Chippewa) 
Co. White-winged Dove today, June 16. I was at a feeder in Bill Hurst's 
yard in Shelter Bay. Allen said that it was quite skittish.

Directions from Scott Hickman follow:

To reach this location, take Hwy 41 north toward Marquette.  Turn east onto 
M28 and drive for 19.1 miles until you see the sign for Laughing Whitefish 
Point.  Turn north onto Shore Drive and travel for 4.2 miles to the mail 
box for Hurst at fire sign number 10130.  This will be on the right side of 
the road.  Turn right onto the blacktop drive and proceed down to the 
bottom of the small hill until you can turn right toward Mr. Hurst's 
house.  Walk around the right side of the house and look for the large, 
circular table feeder.  The dove was feeding at this feeder and resting in 
the trees that surround it.


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