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Made a south Wayne County run this morning and at 6:30am I found the American White Pelican at Crosswinds Marsh on try #4. Two of the Mute Swans were frequently chasing the Pelican off and I saw it fly no less than 10 times! It was hanging out just northwest of the Bald Eagle nest. I had to walk to the second boardwalk before I could see it. Jim Fowler and Dave Washington showed up to see the bird and the three of us went over to Oakwoods Metropark and I had a singing Henslow's Sparrow in the field on the right before the train tracks heard both on the way in and out, had a Yellow-breasted Chat singing in the back edge of that field, the singing Prothonotary Warbler at the boat ramp and at least 2 Dickcissels across the road from the Nature Center 1 Mile sign.
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Good Birding,
Scott Jennex
Craig Bateman wrote
"Kevin Welsh and I went over to Crosswinds marsh this evening (6/14) at about 5:45 pm to see the White Pelican. We saw it almost immediately when we got to the right spot. It was near where Mike Mencotti described but more out in the open area facing towards Oakville-Waltz Rd on the left(south) side of the boardwalk instead of the Bald Eagle nest. It looked like it would only be visible from the Bluegill trail. Here's an excerpt from Mike's email(6/12):

Crosswinds Marsh: I had the American White Pelican about 9:15 am, in the spot previously reported. From the parking lot, walk left on the Blue Gill trail (not the part of the trail that leads to a large enclosed gazebo). Walk on the boardwalk onto the small island and look toward the Bald Eagle nest (which is visible from the parking lot). If not for the island, you would see the Pelican in the water in line with the eagle nest from the parking lot.

I'll put up some poor quality photos on my website: http://www.batemanbirding.cymplecomputers.com/e107_plugins/custompages/Pictures.php

Craig Bateman
Novi, MI"
Neil Gilbert wrote
"I had a fantastic morning of birding at Oakwoods Metropark this morning.
Below is my list of highlights:

DICKCISSEL - 2 birds, one male, one female. The male was singing directly
across the road from the sign on the entrance road that reads 'Nature
Center, 1 mile'. The female was also there, and I saw her carrying nesting
material and carrying it down in the grasses, confirming they are nesting!

HENSLOW'S SPARROW - 1 highly vocal bird in the large, grassy field just
before the railroad tracks next to the entrance road. I didn't see it, as it
was out in the middle of the field. I was prepared to plunge into the field
after it, but it stopped singing.

PROTHONOTARY WARBLER - One individual singing away near the boat launch
behind the nature center. I first heard it from the deck behind the nature
center. I never saw it, but the song was distinctive, and close.

YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT - I had two birds, one near the parking area
immediately after the railroad tracks, and the second along the bike trail
behind the Henslow's field."
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