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On 6/14/05, Craig Bateman <batemanc at> wrote:
> Kevin Welsh and I went over to Crosswinds marsh this evening (6/14) at 
> about 5:45 pm to see the White Pelican. We saw it almost immediately when we 
> got to the right spot. It was near where Mike Mencotti described but more 
> out in the open area facing towards Oakville-Waltz Rd on the left(south) 
> side of the boardwalk instead of the Bald Eagle nest. It looked like it 
> would only be visible from the Bluegill trail. Here's an excerpt from Mike's 
> email(6/12):
> Crosswinds Marsh: I had the American White Pelican about 9:15 am, in the 
> spot previously reported. From the parking lot, walk left on the Blue Gill 
> trail (not the part of the trail that leads to a large enclosed gazebo). 
> Walk on the boardwalk onto the small island and look toward the Bald Eagle 
> nest (which is visible from the parking lot). If not for the island, you 
> would see the Pelican in the water in line with the eagle nest from the 
> parking lot.
> I'll put up some poor quality photos on my website: 
> Craig Bateman
> Novi, MI
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