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Fri Jun 10 08:25:17 EDT 2005

Hi all,
      Just returned from the Pellston and Eastern UP trip.  Mostly taken up with work, but got several days to go out birding.  I saw or heard 124 species from May 27 to June 7th.  White- Fish point was great especially the 5,000 +/- Blue Jays early in the AM of May 29th (that was cool).  Vermillion Road yielded Spruce grouse, Olive-sided, Alder flycatcher, 2 LeContes sparrow, Sedge wren, and several warbler species.  The point had a beautiful Red-throated loon and a Glaucous gull, and a late Rough- winged hawk was a nice find.  Possibly the bird of the trip was a "AUDUBON'S" YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER.  I didn't think much of it at the time until 2 days later I mentioned it to somebody out on the point (White Fish) and they told me there was only a couple state records of this sub-species of the Yellow- rumped warbler.  Is this true????   I saw the bird in the managed clear cut area across the street from the RACO Airfield.  Somewhere between FR 3364 and FR 3617, I was looking for Sharp-tailed grouse (which I totally bombed on 4 times and 8 hours of looking- any tips for the future for finding these birds would be greatly appreciated).  The "Audubon's" Yellow rumped warbler was seen with 2 "Western type" Palm warblers and a couple of "Myrtle" Yellow -rumped warblers- thus making the bright yellow throat of the "Audubon's" really stand out.  I did go back to the same area two days later, but Vesper sparrows where the only things to be found.
Thanks to all who gave me tips on birding spots before I went up.  I also saw two Mourning warblers on FR 3139 between FR 3141 and FR 3343 (marked C in the Michigan guide book).  East of the "Audubon's" warbler spot I ran into a very tame female Spruce grouse.  She was about 4 foot up in a small Spruce tree, I was able to get about 5 foot away from her and took some great photos.
Beautiful trip and good birding,
Have a good one,
Chris Newton
Davenport, Florida
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