Chuck-will's-widow still present June 1, Berrien Co. Parula10 at
Thu Jun 2 15:22:19 EDT 2005

I heard the Chuck-will's-widow between 10:00 and 10:30 last night, June 1, 
along Jones Road. Many thanks to Steve Santner, who E-mailed me precise 
directions to where he had heard it Sunday night. I had tried for it Saturday night 
and missed it.

To get to that location, drive south on Jones road approximately 1/2 mile (I 
didn't measure it) until the road makes a sharp turn to the right. At that 
turn, there is a sign on the left that says Private Drive. The name on the 
mailbox in front of the closest house had the name Moore on it. Park here and listen 
for the bird. 

The homeowner was extremely friendly and gracious, and allowed me to walk to 
the back of her yard, from where I could hear the bird more easily. She even 
supplied me with a flashlight. She seemed quite excited to have such a rare 
bird in her yard, and she told me she would not mind having birders park by her 
driveway (in fact, she invited me to drive my car up into her driveway).

The Chuck was singing from the woods along the left side of the yard, and a 
Whip-poor-will was singing from the woods along the right side.

Darlene Friedman
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