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Thu Jul 21 13:33:15 EDT 2005

I had an American Avocet at Maple Beach at Kensington Metropark in Oakland 
Co. at 12:30 this afternoon. I had gone there not to bird but to lie on the 
beach and swim. No sooner had I entered the water than I heard an unfamiliar call 
note. I looked up to see a large shorebird flying across the lake away from 
me. It circled around, and was just about to land farther up the beach when it 
was scared up by a worker on a tractor. After cursing loudly, I watched the 
bird fly off again across the lake. I raced up to my car to get my binoculars, 
and when I got back the bird had landed on the beach, and was obviously an 

I called the nature center, and Bob Hotaling and another naturalist (I'm 
sorry, I forgot your name) came out to see the bird.

The bird was also scared up by a nearby kayak, but then returned to shore; so 
I think there's a decent chance it will stick around. Also, the beach was 
almost devoid of sunbathers. 

The bird was at the extreme left end of the beach past the volleyball net. It 
seemed to like the sandy edge by the first grassy area to the left of the 
beach. It was accompanied by a small group of gulls.

I hope some of you county listers (and others) get to see it!

Darlene Friedman
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