Chuck-wills-widow, Berrien still 7/3

Erik Enbody stormpetrels at
Mon Jul 4 21:53:55 EDT 2005


Craig Bateman and myself heard the Chuck-wills-widow in Berrien County last 
night at about 11:30pm. This was on True Rd, just east of Jones Rd and the 
bird was calling in the far woodlot. We heard it very briefly and very 
distantly, only picking up the last parts of the song most times. Fireworks, 
parties, music, many cars, etc kept us from hearing well and it was not 
calling for very long. Others also heard the bird very early in the morning, 
but it was much closer to the road and much easier to hear.

Not to much else of note in Berrien today, the Eurasian-collared Doves (2) 
continue in Three Oaks and we had Dickcissels at a number of locations in 
the southern end of the county.

good luck,
Erik Enbody, 15
East Lansing, MI
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