Fwd: Black Skimmer in Indiana

Jim Lesser lesser at jameslesser.com
Thu Sep 30 10:15:51 EDT 2004

I received this "heads up" message from Caleb Putnam today.


>Caught the following report on the indiana birds listserv.  Obviously 
>relevant for Michigan birders, but is it permissible on mich-listers?  If 
>so, please forward it to the list for me.
>Subject: BLACK SKIMMER,Miller beach Lake county
>From: Pete Grube <grubefam AT NETNITCO.NET>
>Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 20:29:15 -0500
>Miller beach
>4:30-6:00 p.m.
>It is with great pleasure,and exuberant confidence that i inform the wider
>birding community with as instantaneous an account as possible,of the
>blissful and utterly cogent presence of a BLACK SKIMMER at Miller beach
>this afternoon.I was literally on my first telescope scan ,when this beauty
>jaunted past at 1/2 -3/4 of a mile out,in a north/easterly fashion.
>I have to admit;i was disappointed that it was only a Skimmer.At first i
>thought it could be a Sooty tern,but the large wing span,head and bill gave
>it away.The bird disappeared soon,and i ran to make phone calls;but the
>bird was not relocated after that.
>Visibility was exceptional;even at long distances.So,chances for a refind
>are good.I hope that everyone can get to see this bird.That means Indiana
>birders ,Michigan birders,and everyone down/or up the line.
>Good luck
>brendan grube
>Caleb G Putnam
>Grand Rapids, MI
>larus10 at hotmail.com
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