Harlequin Duck, Marq. Co. 9/25

TheOwlRanch at aol.com TheOwlRanch at aol.com
Sat Sep 25 16:13:54 EDT 2004

Greetings Listers,
 Zack Gayk and I conducted a waterbird count today along the shores of Marquette county. We started the day at Presque Isle Park but moved north to Big Bay due to the northwest winds that pushed all the migrating waterbirds far off the City of Marquette shoreline. The highlight was a female type Harlequin Duck at the Big Bay Lighthouse. 
A Peregrine Falcon was also seen, as well as the typical Lake Superior migrants such as Red-necked & Horned Grebes, WW Scoters and decent numbers of Scaup and Dabblers.
Good Birding
  ~Skye Haas

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