Snowy Egret--Jackson County--20 Sep 04

Jonathan Wuepper wuepperj at
Tue Sep 21 12:33:46 EDT 2004


I picked this up off other list-serves, written by Gary Seigrist. I feel the 
SNOWY EGRET mentioned is reason to repost here. (Jon Wuepper):

"Hi All,
First report of season with 369 Sandhill Cranes. Snowy Egret was found
by Lathe Calfin in a group of Great Egrets (over 130 Great Egrets are
coming to sancutary). Snowy was last seen in area of water by small
island straight out from observation hill, just right of tower that you
can see in distance.

Other notble birds:
Blue-wing Teal,Green-wing Teal, Black Ducks, Greater Yellowlegs,Sharp-
shinned Hawk, and male Nothern Harrier.

For those you do not know where Phyllis Haehnle Merorial Sanctuary is

It is 6 miles northeast of Jackson. From I-94;Race Rd.(Exit 147) go
north 2 miles to Seymour Rd.; then, west 1.5 miles to entrance on right.

-- Gary Siegrist
   Waterloo area
   Jackson County"

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