Lesser Black-backed Gulls--21 Sep--Berrien

Jonathan Wuepper wuepperj at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 21 11:17:02 EDT 2004


Today (21 Sep), Dave Vinnedge and I found 2 adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS 
at New Buffalo Public Beach, which were in amongst several hundred HERRING 

Additionally today, it was somewhat of a surprise to find two 
YELLOW-THROATED WARBLERS, among the Sycamores along Forest Lawn Road. This 
is the traditional breeding area of the species: runs between 
Maudlin/Lakeside Rd to the west, and Basswood Rd to east. In past years, Jim 
Granlund and others have found the species lingering at this area through 
late September. In '97, they were noted as late as 1 Oct.

Jon Wuepper

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