White Pelicans, Wexford Co.

anhinga anhinga at tm.net
Mon Sep 20 17:37:06 EDT 2004

At about 3:15 pm today (9/20) I had three White Pelicans soaring over Cadillac.  The birds were first seen over Lake Cadillac and looked as though they might be interested in landing on the lake.  They drifted over town, and then riding what I assume was a pretty nice thermal from all the dark roofs and concrete, continued to gain elevation until they could not be seen with the naked eye (nor could I find them again with the bins).  Their ascent had a somewhat southerly trend, so they're probably gone from Cadillac.  I didn't see them when I scanned Lakes Mitchell and Cadillac on my way home from work.  Maybe they'll float into Lake Lansing with all the gulls this evening!!!
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