Muskegon Wastewater birds

Steve Santner santners at
Sun Sep 19 19:39:51 EDT 2004

    Today I spent about two hours in the morning and one hour in the 
afternoon trying to find the Sabine's Gull, with no luck.  Consolation 
prizes were a Red-necked Phalarope (about 8:00 AM),  an Eared Grebe 
nearly in breeding plumage at about 25 ft along the middle dike (about 
1:30 PM) and a Peregrine (about 1:15).  There was no Buff-breasted 
Sandpiper either - about 6-8 Baird's Sandpiper and 10 Lesser Golden 
Plover in the morning and nothing after the Peregrine ran them all out 
in the afternoon.  There were literally hundreds of pipits - all over 
the dikes.  There was also a probable Merlin in the morning.

    Steve Santner

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