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Listers -

   The juvenile Sabine's Gull was seen by a number of people at the Muskegon 
Wasteater System yesterday, Saturday the 18th.  It spent most of it's time 
along the north edge of the large west pond.  It tended to stay towards the west 
end of the north edge, but it did fly about every once in a while, even 
landing in one of the "empty" treatment cells along the north edge of the large west 
pond.  It was not shy and most observers were treated to great looks in 
excellent light.

   Other notable birds included a Buff-breasted Sandpiper on the middle dike 
about mid-way and a reported Eared Grebe.  Our group didn't see the latter 
bird, but did have a winter plumage Horned Grebe.

   A Peregrine Falcon, some Golden Plovers, and 20-30 Baird's Sandpipers were 
also seen along with many Tree Swallows and American Pipits.

   Nice day to be out.  -  Doug McWhirter

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