Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Flint, Genesee Co. (not seen Sep 16)

John Lowry john at
Thu Sep 16 19:57:42 EDT 2004

I stopped by briefly this morning around 11am and again this evening, very
briefly at around 6:30pm but did not see the bird.

John Lowry
john at

On 9/15/04 9:48 PM, jbuecking at wrote...

> Hello Mich-listers,
> I saw an immature Yellow-crowned Night Heron this evening between 6:50 & 7:15
> near Flint. So far as I know, it is a first county record. Directions follow.
> Go north on I-75 from I-69 in Flint to the Pierson Rd exit. Take Pierson Rd
> West towards Flushing. Just beyond the second light (Linden Rd) look for a
> vacant house on the left (south side) of the road with a "For Sale"(Dale
> Wolbert) sign in front.This is across the street from a Shell gas station. The
> bird has been seen for the last two weeks in trees in the back yard of the
> house next door(5059 W Pierson).
> The woman who reported the heron is Era Woods and her phone number is 810 733
> 2738. Birders are welcome to call her to see if the bird is still around, but
> she asks that you look for the bird from the property next door, not hers.
> It has been mostly resting in dead trees in her back yard during the day, but
> also hunts in her small (6' long) pond and has also caught several snakes in
> her yard.
> Good Luck.
> Jeff Buecking
> Fenton
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