Whitefish point Blue-winged Warbler

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Thu Sep 16 13:18:08 EDT 2004

     I found a male Blue-winged Warbler at the point today at approx. 10:00. It was seen along the chain-link fence, approx. 50 yards in from the south end of fence. As of 12:00 there are still warblers at this spot, but I could not relocate the BWWA. The understory is thick here and obviously the bird could still be there. For what it is worth I will put some flagging on the fence where I had the bird.
       Buff-breated Sandpipers are still being seen daily at the tip. We have had 19 BBSA this season, the previous high was 15. We also had a lone Franklin's Gull on the 14th and a lone Black Tern on the 15th.
       Chris Neri  

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