Yellow-headed Blackbird, Macomb Co. Sept. 7, 2004

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Tue Sep 7 18:44:59 EDT 2004

        At 6:15 P.M. today, Sept. 7 a Yellow-headed Blackbird was sitting on 
top of a telephone pole on Riverdale Drive, east of the Venetian Canal, which 
is just east of the Voyageur Canoe Canal in the North Marsh of Metropolitan 
Beach Metro Park in Macomb Co.  Riverdale Dr. comes to Lakeshore which is 
accessed from South River Road on the south side of the Clinton River going east 
from Jefferson towards the DNR Boat Launch at the eastern end of South River 
       The bird flew in with a few Common Grackles, stayed for a few minutes 
then continued east into the subdivision.
       The Yellow-headed Blackbird is not a yearly bird here in Macomb 
Marcia Kubacki
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