Snowy Egrets, Monroe County

LaRue Wells texwells at
Tue Sep 7 18:44:36 EDT 2004

Today (Sept. 7) I saw 3 Snowy Egrets at the Erie Marsh Preserve (Gun Club).
They were about 200 yards southeast of the blue pump, which is about a
hundred yards south of the parking area.  This is the same place that a
single Snowy has been hanging around since Aug. 25.  (I have seen it several
times).  I first saw the birds at about 11:00 am, and at least 2 of them
were still there at 3:15 pm.

I made the 2-mile hike out to the southeast corner of the preserve,  but saw
nothing of interest except a couple of Red Knots among a large batch of
loafing ducks near the southwest corner
(perhaps 0.4 mile from the parking area).

Recently a birder reported that he was told by a "local" that the Erie Marsh
was closed for the duck season Sept.1-Jan.1.  The "local" was mistaken.  I
have it on good authority that according to present plans the place will not
be closed until about Sept. 20, although an exact date has not been set.

Tex Wells 

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