7 Sep--Pelican Update

Jonathan Wuepper wuepperj at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 7 09:26:37 EDT 2004


As many of you know, the BROWN PELICAN turned up late yesterday afternoon at 
Michigan City Harbor (Indiana).

I searched Tiscornia this morning, and obviously failed to relocate the bird 
(unaware of the Indiana sighting). This also makes the case stronger that 
only 1 Pelican was involved. New Buffalo Harbor may be a good place to 
search for the bird.

Many passerines on the move: on Sat, Tom Beeke found PRAIRIE WARBLER and 
CONECTICUT WARBLER along Yellow Birch Trail at Warren Dunes SP. This morning 
(7 Sep), I tallied several warblers, 4 vireo sp, etc at Sarett NC/

Jon Wuepper

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