Great Gray Owl - Schoolcraft Co Sunday

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Tue Sep 7 07:53:56 EDT 2004

       I had a Great Gray Owl at Seney NWR on Sunday at dusk. The refuge 
staff indicated that the area between the Driggs River Road entrance and the C-3 
fishing area was where they had been most recently observed and this is indeed 
where I found one. This entrance off 28 is several miles west of the town of 
Seney, on the north side of the refuge - far from the driving loop and visitor 
center. You can get a good refuge map at the center and the loop is a gorgeous 
drive (I did the loop on Saturday) - but don't expect the owls there. I also 
had Black-backed Woodpecker, American Bittern, calling Whip-poor-wills, dozens 
of Trumpeter Swans & Sandhill Cranes, a pair of Red-necked Grebes (unusual 
there I'm told), some Beavers and a Coyote.
       Whitefish Point was a little slow this weekend allowing for lots of 
very important discussions. Serious fog on Sat & Sun. In addition to the birds 
Chris posted, we had Red Knot, Black-bellied Plover, both Crossbills, a juvie 
Goshawk, Sharpies, the resident Merlin and the expected mix of small 

Good Birding,

Scott Jennex
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