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*October 28th, 2004

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number: 269/471-4919
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compiled: 28 Oct 2004
compiler: Jon Wuepper


ROSS’S GOOSE* [CASUAL] (Jackson County)
CACKLING GOOSE* [NOT ON MICH. BIRD LIST] (Jackson, Washtenaw, Ionia cos)
“Dark” IBIS*, sp [CASUAL] (Chippewa County)

*=On Michigan Bird Records Committee Species Review List. Please send
documentation to: Jack Reinoehl, c/o MBRC, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI 

Additional species mentioned:

Canada Goose (Jackson County)
Purple Sandpiper (Chippewa County)
Hudsonian Godwit (Berrien County)
Long-billed Dowitcher (Washtenaw, Allegan cos)
Red-necked Phalarope (Bay County)
Lesser Black-backed Gull (Washtenaw County)
Parasitic Jaeger (Bay County)
Iceland Gull (Keweenaw County)
Short-eared Owl (Alger County)
Boreal Chickadee (Keweenaw County)
Townsend’s Solitaire (Marquette County)

This is the Michigan Statewide Bird Report for Thursday, October 28th, 2004, 
which is being sponsored by the Wild Bird Center of Benton Harbor (located 
in the Orchards Mall).

In CHIPPEWA COUNTY, at the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory on October 24th, 
a remarkable total of 8 “Dark-type” IBISES*, (Plegadis species*) flew past 
the point. Scott Jennex was one of a few lucky birders to see these birds. 
About 15 minutes later, Scott and others saw a PURPLE SANDPIPER land on the 
point, which resulted in “nice, long looks.”

In MARQUETTE COUNTY on the afternoon of October 25th, Skye Haas and Zach 
Gayk found one adult SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER*, at Presque Isle Park in the 
City of Marquette. During most of the observation, the bird remained at the 
southern end of the park. At Yellow Dog Plains on October 22nd, (relocated 
October 24th) Skye Haas and Zach Gayk found a TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE. The bird 
was seen in a dense stand of young jack pine near a clear cut along the 
Triple AAA Road at the intersection of the Clowry Truck Trail. Skye has 
noted that this is a remote area full of nameless dirt two-tracks. If anyone 
wants detailed directions, feel free to contact Skye at: TheOwlRanch at aol.com 
As of October 26th, the bird had not been relocated.

In ALGER COUNTY on October 24th, Zach Gayk and Greg Cleary observed a 
SHORT-EARED OWL, flying very close to Highway 28 approximately 1/2 mile west 
of the Laughing Whitefish River.

In KEWEENAW COUNTY on October 21st, Steve Santner an immature ICELAND GULL 
along M26, a few miles southwest of Copper Harbor.  It was about one mile 
south of the last roadside pullout before Copper Harbor. Also on October 
21st, Steve found 2 BOREAL CHICKADEES on a snowmobile/ORV trail just off of 
Linden Lake-Gay Rd.

In JACKSON COUNTY, October 23rd at Thorn Lake, a ROSS’S GOOSE* was seen 
briefly after dawn. It was later relocated amongst a few hundred CANADA 
GEESE on Horning Road about half-way between Arnold and Lawrence Roads in a 
field to the north. Also at the location was at least one CACKLING GOOSE. 
The ROSS’S GOOSE* then returned to Thorn Lake later that morning. On October 
26th, Allen Chartier relocated the ROSS'S GOOSE* at Thorn Lake, and also 
tallied 8 CACKLING GEESE*.

In BAY COUNTY at Tobico Marsh, October 24th, Ryan Dziedzic found a juvenile 
RED-NECKED PHALAROPE. The bird was apparently quite visible (“out in the 
open”), and could be seen from the observation platform along the bike 
trail. Tobico Marsh parking can be found off Killarney Beach Road, which is 
off Beaver Road. At the Karn Power Plant on October 22nd, Joe Soehnel 
observed (for nearly 40 minutes!) a juvenile, dark-morphed PARASITIC JAEGER. 
Joe later relocated the bird east of the mouth of the Saginaw River.

In WASHTENAW COUNTY at Avis Farms, the previously reported LONG-BILLED 
DOWITCHER has been seen at various times throughout the past week. On 
October 23rd, a LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL and CACKLING GEESE were seen at Ann 
Arbor Landfill.

In ALLEGAN COUNTY at the Allegan State Game Area on October 24th, Rick 

In IONIA COUNTY on October 21st, Kevin Thomas found 2 CACKLING GEESE, at the 
Lakewood Wastewater Ponds.

In BERRIEN COUNTY, at the Three Oaks Wastewater Ponds on October 21st, Jan 
Shillito discovered a HUDSONIAN GODWIT. The bird had an injury to its right 
leg. It was seen again on October 22nd, was missed for a few days, then 
relocated at Three Oaks October 26th.

The next scheduled update of this report will be on Thursday, November 4th, 
2004. To report your sightings, please leave a message at the sound of the 
tone or call Jon Wuepper at 269-556-9510. Thanks for calling and good 


“Michigan Birds and Natural History”. Our state ornithological journal. 
Contains the Michigan Bird Survey, etc.

Michigan Bird Records Committee website: 

“North American Birds”, a quarterly journal, published by the American 
Birding Association: http://americanbirding.org/publications/nabgen.htm

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